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Monkeying with your characters

In our last MUG meeting, our published piece was called “Monkeys of the Sea”, and as we were discussing it – specifically, discussing the characters – I was reminded of an article I read (and blogged about) about something called ‘The Monkeysphere“.

The article is a discussion on human behavior and psychology.  It was published on Cracked.com, so it’s tinged with humor, which makes it easy to read, as well.  It’s about the number of people you’re actually capable of caring about.  Actually, you should go read it.  Go on, click on the link and read the article.  I’ll wait.  No, no, don’t go on, the rest of this post won’t make sense unless you read it.  Don’t worry, I’ll be right here waiting for you when you’re done.

… Finished? Good!


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