Spring 2014 MUG Writing Retreat

The Spring MUG Writing Retreat 2014 will take place June 20-22nd, 2014, at private residences in Santa Monica, California.

The (Projected) MUG Spring 2014 Writing Retreat Calendar of Events

Friday Night: Social hour begins as we all show up…

  • We’ll be meeting at Anthony’s house and then… socializing! Will we go out, like last year? Will we stay in? Will Anthony break out a bottle of whiskey, get drunk, and pass out? One can never tell… maybe we’ll get *really* wild and start writing!

Saturday: 9AM start time at Anthony’s house

  • Free Writing time. Get past the morning blears, any residual effects of the night before (we’re looking at you, Anthony) and your shyness about writing in your pajamas. Let’s put some words on the page!

  • Discussion/Group Activity (“Raising the Stakes”) 11 AM — Anthony

    • We’re going to spend some time talking about how to keep your reader turning the pages, hanging on the edge of their seats. Have a story of your own in mind to talk about. Led by Anthony, assuming he’s not too hung over to be intelligible.

  • Lunch 12:00 – 1:30

    • Time to get off your rear end and get some fuel! The day is not even half over…

  • Free Writing time. Get that Word Count going!

  • Discussion/Group Writing Exercise (“Writing the Unthinkable”) 3 PM — Andrea

    • We’re going to get down and dirty… with pen and paper. In this session, we’ll explore some wisdom from The Art of Subtext by Charles Baxter, and how we can capture those “unthinkable thoughts” that make our characters rich, flawed and oh-so-human. Come prepared with your short story or novel protagonist in mind, and we’ll dive into their secrets with a few writing exercises.  Led by Andrea, and no, she will not ask you if your deepest darkest fear is a panda bear dressed in a shark suit.

  • Writing Exercise(s) 4-?? PM

    • A few writing exercises suggested by the MUGsters to spark those creative juices. Some of these might be done in the out-of-doors… that’s right, MUGsters, we might be out in Mah-ther Nay-Chure’s world. Bring your allergy medication, and a pad/pen(cil). And water!

  • Free Writing time. Now that those juices are flowing, dive back into your work!

  • Dinner 7pm (ish).

    • Sometimes we go out for dinner; sometimes we order in. Or cook. Oh, my. We might have to make a run to the grocery store and get food.

Sunday: 9AM start time at Taylor’s house.

  • Free Writing time.

  • Possible Prompt, or game time, or discussion: 11am

    • Nothing scheduled here…. yet.
  • Lunch – no specific time

    • whenever you want, whatever you want. Freedom of choice! Another scary moment, but one we’re sure you’ll get through.

  • Free Writing time. You can stay until Rebecca kicks you out, or you have a flight to catch, or the other people in your carpool drag you kicking and screaming to the car.

  • Goodbye! Aw. The saddest part of the weekend.


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