Fall 2014 MUG Writing Retreat

This year, we’re making merry in the first weekend of December! Between prompts and writing discussion, it’s time to jumpstart that word count, wrap up any NaNoWriMo projects, and get some wintery writing in with new friends. Welcome to a MUG-hosted Fall Retreat!

Saturday: 9AM start time at Becca’s house

  • Free Writing time. Get past the morning blears, any residual effects of the night before and your shyness about writing in your pajamas. Let’s put some words on the page!

  • Discussion/Group Activity 11 AM — Andrea

    • This spot reserved for a MUGster to give a talk, lead a discussion, or share a prompt.

  • Lunch 12:00 – 1:30

    • Time to get off your rear end and get some fuel! The day is not even half over… Food will be got on an individual basis unless we decide otherwise.

  • Free Writing time. Get that Word Count going!

  • Discussion/Group Writing Exercise (“A Picture is Worth 500 Words”) 3 PM — Anthony
    • In this session, each writer will choose an image from a selection–curated by Anthony–and jot down 500 words inspired by the picture. Writers will keep their pictures to themselves because after the writing, Anthony will take the images from everyone and post them up, and writers will read their responses while everyone else will guess which picture was theirs.
  •  Writing Exercise(s) 4 PM — Taylor
    • A writing exercise or two to spark those creative juices and help us attack that word count.
  • Free Writing time. Now that those juices are flowing, dive back into your work!

  • Dinner 7pm (ish).

    • Sometimes we go out for dinner; sometimes we order in. Or cook. Oh, my. We might have to make a run to the grocery store and get food.

Sunday: 9AM start time at Becca’s house.

  • Free Writing time.

  • Prompt (“Kill Your Darlings”) : 11am — Becca

    • We’re going to write some beautiful, darling things. And then we’re literally going to slash them. A fun, physical writing activity to think less preciously about what comes out of our brains.
  • Lunch – no specific time

    • Whenever you want, whatever you want. Freedom of choice! Another scary moment, but one we’re sure you’ll get through.

  • Free Writing time. You can stay until we wrap up at about 6 or 7 pm, or you have a flight to catch, or the other people in your carpool drag you kicking and screaming to the car.

  • Goodbye! Aw. The saddest part of the weekend.

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