About the MUGsters

MUG is a creative writing group founded in Santa Barbara in 2009. We submit and critique each other’s short fiction and novels (with the occasional graphic novel, query letter, etc. here and there).


Aleese Lin is a Denver-based YA fantasy writer. Having lived for a decade in Japan, the U.K., and Hawaii, her stories explore wild places, new ideas, and belonging. She enjoys any activity that whisks her into nature, but if she has to be inside, she’s either writing, drawing, or cooking wafū dishes with her husband and cats.

Aleese is currently unagented and preparing a YA fantasy novel for query. Follow her Instagram, @aleeselin or visit aleeselin.com.



Andrea Ellickson writes YA novels about wildfire girls, Filipino legends, and family curses. Coming from a mixed Filipino-American family, she’s determined to bring more diverse voices into mainstream fiction. One of her prior projects won for Best YA Manuscript at SCBWI’s LA Writer’s Day. She has honed her craft at workshops such as the Madcap Writing Cross-Culturally Retreat and A Room of Her Own Writing Retreat at Ghost Ranch, among others. Ever chasing stories, she has traveled to over 30 countries and can’t wait for her next adventure! Follow her at: ellicksonwriter.com.


JC Peterson is a writer based in Denver. Her debut novel, BEING MARY BENNET, is slated to release winter 2022 with HarperTeen. When she’s not dreaming up new stories, she spends her time chasing her two young sons, hiking in the Colorado mountains, and planning her next adventure. Follow her on Insta @JCPwrites or on Twitter @JenC_P.


Taylor Lauren Wou Ross is a writer and editor. She edits copy at Yoga Journal and reviews students’ college application essays with College Transitions. Since earning a BA in English from UCLA, Taylor has published short fiction in Gone Lawn, (parenthetical)Glass Mountain, Westwind, and others. Her current project is a YA novel. Taylor lives in Santa Barbara with her rescue pup, who is, luckily, both eager to join hiking adventures and snooze on the couch during writing time. Visit Taylor on Instagram @taylorlaurenross and Twitter @TaylorLaurenR.

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