Spring Mini Writing Retreat 2021

Though our initial plan—an extensive event in Texas—was derailed (again) by the pandemic, we made the most of Aleese’s visit to Santa Barbara. Reading and writing and mimosas with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Sunset on the upstairs deck with the ocean in the distance on one side and the mountains on the other. Speculative fiction discussions and a snoozy dog (who was very patient with all of our sitting and not-playing-with-her antics).

I’m feeling good about the progress I made brainstorming with my lovely CPs and rereading the full manuscript of my current WIP while taking notes on what I need to fix. Some parts of my MS feel like all they need is a bit of tweaking, while others feel like they need A LOT of work. I loved Joanna Ruth Meyer‘s vlog “How to Revise Your Novel (Without Breaking It)” at WriteOnCon this year, and I’m excited to use her suggestions. Who knew being a novelist would involve spreadsheets?

Back when I first decided to start writing seriously, I had a lot of friends who wanted to be supportive but also didn’t understand what pursuing a writing career takes.

“Come out with us,” they would say. “You can write some other time, right? You can write any time.” Over the years, I’ve learned to protect my writing time, to juggle it in when necessary, to choose between going out with friends and staying home to write. While this is just part of being a writer (lately made easier by all the Zooming), and I still enjoy adventures, I am infinitely grateful to have dear friends who are also writing buddies. People who also think reading is fun. People who want to socialize together and also write together. People I can talk shop with. People who push me to sit down and focus on my projects when the easy thing would be to avoid them for just one more day.

Here’s to next year in TX with the full crew!

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