Ta Da! RLR Vol I Issue 1

When a former mugster came to us and said, “I want to start a literary journal. You in?” I was pumped. I expected to be reading and editing, of course, but I guess I didn’t really think about all of the other demands we’d need to meet–generating an editorial team, sending contracts to writers and artists, minute layout decisions about the website and everything from font to spacing to whether author bios should be italicized or not, for starters.

Now, many months later, the inaugural issue of The Riding Light Review is available for purchase online! On the website, you can read a few stories in full and excerpts of the others. You can grab your copy of the ebook and/or print versions HERE! Your support makes the dreams of many writers and artists come true…

RLR Vol I Iss 1 cover

Beautiful cover art by my sis, Jourdie Ross

This journey has been a phenomenal learning experience, and I’m so pleased I get to work with such a rockstar team of women. I’ve learned a ton as an editor, and I’ve also gained a lot of compassion for other editors. As a writer submitting my own work to journals and praying for acceptances and wondering why on earth it takes SO LONG sometimes to receive a response, now I get it. There’s so much that goes into creating a publication that I didn’t realize. I’ve worked at established magazines before, but literary journals are different, due in large part to the selection process of creative content. It’s not original advice, but this experience has taught me that writers should indeed: have patience, maintain compassion for editors, and seriously, work on your craft.



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