Spring Retreat and Unthinkable Thoughts


Another successful retreat! While we didn’t exactly stick to our schedule, we had a wonderful weekend of inspiration, brainstorming, eating, and, of course, writing. Friday found the Mugsters on Main Street, Santa Monica, where most of us kicked back, had a drink, and caught a few songs by the live band. Saturday, Anthony led a “Raising the Stakes” workshop (more to come on this soon, right, Anthony?) and BBQ’d seriously yummy steak.



From left: Becca, Andrea, Taylor, Anthony                                                                                          Missing Santa Barbara Mugster Cynthia and East-coaster Mike!

From left: Becca, Andrea, Taylor, Anthony                                                                                          Missing Santa Barbara Mugster Cynthia and East-coaster Mike!


Just, you know, making sure none of that steak shows up in our smiles.

On Sunday we explored our characters’ “unthinkable thoughts” in a prompt led by Andrea. Want to discover your protagonist’s unthinkable thoughts? Consider this assertion by Charles Baxter:

photo 2

(Please excuse the poor quality of the picture I hurriedly took of Andrea’s printout!)

Now, ask yourself: What about him/herself does your character refuse to think, even to him/herself? Better yet, what is it your character can’t think? Or, try this: What would your main character not want anyone to find out about him/her?

We all worked on our individual projects throughout, so when we weren’t brainstorming or gabbing, the only sound was us tap-tap-tapping away on our keyboards. We already can’t wait for our fall retreat, which we open to non-members. If you’re a fiction writer interested in joining us, email mugsters@gmail.com to reserve your spot!IMG_9156


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