Please Welcome…New Mugster, Mike!

Last summer I attended the Santa Barbara Writers Conference, which was my first one. I expected a few things: to meet other writers, to meet agents, to hear famous writers speak. Once there I was inspired, I learned a lot, and yes, I met writers. And one of those writers, I’m so happy to announce, has become a member of MUG. It is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of the group: Mike!

Here’s his awesome bio:

Mike is a recent graduate of Allegheny College in northwestern Pennsylvania, where he received the 2013 Mary A. Flower Prize for academic excellence in the field of English. His chapbook composition in poetry, A World Set Apart, earned him the 2013 Ione Sandberg Shriber Young Writer’s Fund as well. He continues to write poetry, short fiction, and flash fiction in the wee hours of the morning. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA and works as an outreach coordinator at a literacy nonprofit for underprivileged youth, doing the occasional freelance writing to finance a growing caffeine addiction. His work has been published in The New PoetEvery Day Poets, and Carcinogenic Poetry, and a journal piece by him is forthcoming in h Magazine, the publication of the Howard Heinz Endowment.


I decided to invite Mike to apply to the group after participating in a workshop with him at the conference. The leader of the workshop was Monte Schulz, who, in case you were wondering, does not mess around. His workshops ran like intense college courses (he does indeed teach at UCSB). He began each session by reading to us out of all manner of high-brow literary novels, and even though we were only at the conference for a few days, Monte expected us to comment on others’ work intelligently, by referencing what he’d taught us. Mike more than held his own in this workshop. After hearing his work and his comments, I knew he would be an asset to MUG if he chose to join us. At the end of his trial period, the decision to accept him was unanimous.

You’ve already seen some of Mike’s awesome posts on the MUG blog; now you can congratulate him as an official member!



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3 responses to “Please Welcome…New Mugster, Mike!

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  2. I had no idea you were so accomplished Mike! Geez, I need to step up my game! =) Amazing!

  3. Small potatoes, Jamie, I promise! Haha, college is easy. It’s once we’re out here that matters, right? Thanks for the post, Taylor! I forgot to check the blog for a bit there!

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