Welcoming New Member… Rebecca!

As you may have noticed from this awesome recent post on revision, the MUG Writing Group has a new member! It is my pleasure to introduce… Rebecca!


Check out her rad bio:

With a B.A. in B.S. (translation: English Major), Rebecca Ann Jordan is a poet and speculative fiction author in San Diego. She recently won Reader’s Choice and Second Place Editor’s Choice for her short story “Promised Land” at Fiction Vortex. She has also published poetry and flash pieces in Yemassee MagazineBravura Literary Journal, and Images Magazine; guest columns at DIYMFA.com; and acts as Junior Assistant Editor at Bartleby Snopes. Her fetishes include controversial grammar, mythological happenings and yarn-swapping. Quibble with her@beccaquibbles.

Back in September of last year, as I was gearing up to attend the Writers Digest Conference West with Anthony, I tweeted with the WDCW13 hashtag. I didn’t really expect other attendees to read my tweet, let alone reply, but several did! And one of them happened to be a certain future Mugster…

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 1.20.57 AM

As the conference progressed I kept an eye out for Twitter connections, but I wasn’t sure I’d recognize them from those tiny little profile pictures, not to mention conference attendance was vast. And then while I was at a Pitch Slam, Anthony attended a lecture where he met someone pretty cool. Later, he introduced me to this girl who looked sort of familiar for some reason. And then I realized! It was Rebecca!

I was so thrilled to connect with her in person. The three of us sat together for B.A. Shapiro’s speaker session and bonded over Avatar: The Last Airbender and Rebecca’s beautiful handwriting (which may or may not be derived from a certain Lord of the Rings style, I believe). Oh, and writerly things, too. Anthony and I invited her to attend the MUG Writing Retreat in October, which she did, wowing us with her response to the writing prompt…

We invited her for a trial period with the group and, long story short, she’s now an official Mugster, and we are so happy to have her!



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2 responses to “Welcoming New Member… Rebecca!

  1. Hooray! I am so happy to be part of this group. We’ve talked so many times since Writer’s Digest, I’d almost forgotten about that story of how we met! 🙂

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