MUG Fall Retreat 2013

From left: Anthony, Amanda, Taylor, Rebecca.

From left: Anthony, Amanda, Taylor, Rebecca. Photo by Cynthia.

The MUG Fall Retreat 2013 was a success! In two days, five writers completed over 15,000 words.


Hard-working writers with our retreat cheerleader, Runtley!

We gathered at my place in Santa Monica and spend the weekend typing away. At one point I visited my boyfriend in his study and he said, “What are you guys doing out there? It’s so quiet!”


On Saturday morning, Anthony led a talk about the best ways to prepare for NaNoWriMo. Why do we trust his methods? Well, last year Anthony completed 80,000 words in the month of November. Over dinner Anthony told a couple of us that he hit 50,000 while working in a café amongst other writers. He hit the winner’s mark, closed his laptop, and walked out to the envy (and a few glares) of fellow NaNo-ers. The best part? This happened about halfway into the month.

You can watch Anthony’s talk in the video below! (If you’re short on time, view my notes in this post on my blog.)

We did a writing prompt in which we picked the first line of a published story and “reversed” the words. “He” becomes “she;” “up” becomes “down;” a “road trip in a rusty, old VW van” becomes a “staycation outside the shiny, new Beamer.” You get artistic liberties, of course. After thirty minutes of writing we went around the table and read our work aloud. It was fun to hear the different voices, and now we all have stories to develop, several of which are outside of what we usually write.



The creative energy was a-flowin’ and I for one already can’t wait for next year’s MUG Retreats!


Taylor not writing while Rebecca makes faces in the background. Photo by Anthony.



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