“Slide to Unlock”

Password_Ron Bennetts

How many times have you changed passwords in the past month? How many times have you forgotten passwords, remembered them, and then had to change them again, only to forget them a week later? How do you chose your passwords?

In our modern world, we tell our own stories and secrets through a slew of passwords stored on every internet account, computer hard drive, and ATM machine. Our password stories are scattered, diverse, and sometimes completely arbitrary. In this week’s published piece, “Slide to Unlock” written by Ed Park and recently published in The New Yorker, the author captures the telling nature of passwords. Ed Park is the author of the novel PERSONAL DAYS (Random House), which was named one of Time‘s top 10 fiction books of 2008 and was a finalist for the PEN Hemingway Award. He is a founding editor of The Believer and a former editor of the Voice Literary Supplement.

Here are a few questions to mull over while you read “Slide to Unlock“:

  • Did the second person narrative draw you in? How effective was it?
  • Did the story force you to think of your own passwords and all the secrets and stories held within them?
  • What did you learn about the narrator via his choice in passwords? Did you see any character development through his progression of passwords?



Photo by Flickr User: Ron Bennetts



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