The MUG Spring Retreat 2013

On the Pier

At the end of the Santa Barbara Pier. From left: Ari, Andrea, Anthony, Taylor. Photo by Cynthia.


At Zaytoon. Photo by Cynthia.

This past weekend we held the second annual MUG Writing Retreat in Santa Barbara. Between hours of writing furiously (a certain member *cough* Anthony *cough* wrote 8,000 words!), we held a brief Aikido workshop, played Resistance, and grabbed a taste of SB with dinner at Zaytoon and a walk along the pier.

Ari and Anthony working hard. Photo by Taylor.

Ari and Anthony working hard. Photo by Taylor.

On Saturday afternoon, we wrote to three prompts. The first was Cynthia’s, built from her experience at the Wondercon. See her post here. At Ari’s suggestion, we each wrote a profession on a scrap of paper and passed it to the person on our right. We began with “I have the hands of a…” and had to switch to “But I’m not a…” halfway through! The five professions were physicist, diving instructor, veterinarian, dental hygienist, and bartender. Andrea gave us the recent two sentences for The First Line: “I started collecting secrets when I was just six years old” or “There must have been thousands standing in the rain that day.” We definitely generated some possible story starts!

Anthony teaches us a bit of Aikido, including wrist stretches that help prevent carpal tunnel.

Anthony teaches us Aikido, including wrist stretches that help prevent carpal tunnel. Photo by Taylor.

We also went over my query and the first five pages of my manuscript. I am so grateful for everyone’s input, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this group!

Andrea on the pouf

Andrea takes a break and chats with Cynthia. Photo by Taylor.


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4 responses to “The MUG Spring Retreat 2013

  1. Cyn Bermudez

    Reblogged this on Cyn C Bermudez and commented:

    MUG Writers Retreat 🙂

  2. Cyn Bermudez

    Love it, Taylor. =)

  3. Anthony C. Lanni

    3 things I learned:
    1) Despite being nervous/unsure of my creative ability, I actually do OK with the timed prompts.
    2) Trader Joe’s has carrot cake sandwich cookies that are better than anything ever. (I’m not sure if I’m happy or mad that Ari introduced those to me.)
    3) I am a lot taller than everyone else in MUG.


  4. Reblogged this on Andrea Ellickson Freelance Writer and commented:

    A member of my MUG Writing Group wrote up a great summary of our retreat this past weekend!

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