Turkey City Lexicon

I came across this page while poking around on the Science Fiction Writers of America website.  Turkey City is a writer’s workshop based in Austin, Texas; they came up with this lexicon, and it’s been published and modified as it spreads across the web.

I found several of the terms to be familiar topics that we talk about but never named: so now, with this lexicon, we have names we can apply to them.

My favorite so far:

  • Squid in the Mouth

The failure of an author to realize that his/her own weird assumptions and personal in-jokes are simply not shared by the world-at-large. Instead of applauding the wit or insight of the author’s remarks, the world-at-large will stare in vague shock and alarm at such a writer, as if he or she had a live squid in the mouth.

Since SF writers as a breed are generally quite loony, and in fact make this a stock in trade, “squid in the mouth” doubles as a term of grudging praise, describing the essential, irreducible, divinely unpredictable lunacy of the true SF writer. (Attr. James P Blaylock)

Take a look at the others.  What’s your favorite?  Which ones are you guilty of?  Which ones do you notice *I’m* guilty of?


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