Taking our Writing out of the Box

Writer Unboxed is a writing resource blog “about the craft and business of fiction”.  This summer they’ve been holding a contest called 7 Sizzling Sundays of Summer Flash Fiction, and Andrea pointed us to it and encouraged us to enter.

The idea was that there was a picture posted every week for six weeks, and we were to write a piece of flash fiction, less than 250 words, inspired by that picture.  Three or four entries would be chosen as that week’s winner, and on the seventh week all the winners would be put together in a head-to-head vote.  When Andrea introduced us to the contest she had already entered: and over the next couple of weeks, Taylor and I wrote pieces for it as well.

The result?  All three of us won one week or another.  That means the MUG writing group accounts for nearly 15% of the winners!  Taylor and Andrea have gotten a couple of Honorable Mentions, as well.  We’re now into week 7, and you can go to the contest blog page and vote for your favorite story – all the winning stories and the pictures that inspired them are posted for your enjoyment.

Of course, we hope you enjoy and vote for one of us.  Even if you don’t, though, I felt it apropos to toot our own horn.  MUG FTW.


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One response to “Taking our Writing out of the Box

  1. Anthony C. Lanni

    The results are in, and… Andrea won 2nd place! w00t! Congratulations, Andrea, nice work! 🙂


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