MUG Writer’s Retreat 2012

Well, the day is almost upon us, so here’s some details to keep track of!  Be sure to leave a comment if there’s anything I’ve forgotten.  Are you psyched up to spend the day writing like madmen (madwomen – madpeople?)?

Place: Two places!  We’re going to start out at a coffee shop near Taylor’s house (well, as near as Santa Barbara can manage) and then move to her house when she gets into town. Update: Morning meeting at Muddy Waters Coffee House – 508 East Haley Street  Santa Barbara, CA 93103.
Time: Anthony is going to try to be at the coffee house between 9 and 9:30AM; come meet whenever you’re up! Taylor should be in town around 11AM; give one of us a call if you want to know for sure where we are.

  1. Anthony has an hour planned for a writing exercise using a pseudo-Oulipo prompt.  Have a favorite story, something with a few sentences you really love, available for this.
  2. Andrea has submitted a few contest options and will bring a little handout, so each person can just choose from the list when they are at the retreat, since obviously we aren’t going to do all of them.


  • Andrea is going to bring a fruit salad and some beer/wine for the evening.
  • Anthony has volunteered to bring chips and fixings for a home-made 7-layer dip.
  • Cynthia is chipping in with a dessert.

We should all chip in and get hamburger fixings or something for the BBQ – and, of course, a case of Mug Root Beer. 😉

Inspirational Articles: Andrea will bring copies of a few articles and a couple books that have some good stuff.  Anthony is bringing an article as well, and we’re going to discuss the published piece “Aleph” (since we didn’t talk about it at Wednesday’s meeting).  Anything else you want to bring is welcome!


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One response to “MUG Writer’s Retreat 2012

  1. Anthony C. Lanni

    Wow, what a great day! First and foremost, it was great meeting in person – and Cynthia for the second time, and Andrea for the first time! (It’s always nice seeing you, Taylor.)
    B, I got a bunch of traction on my story, so much so that I wrote a ton more on Sunday morning. Yay progress!
    Third and lastly, Great writing discussions all day long. Loved talking about stuff.
    And point four, I was VERY impressed with how well that writing exercise turned out. I’m actually quite excited to see more of each of the four ideas we came up with.

    I’m looking forward to doing this again!

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