“Daddy’s Girl”

This week’s published piece is by a friend of mine, Amy Sundberg.  We met at the Rainforest Writer’s Retreat earlier this year.  Amy is a musician as well as a writer of science fiction, fantasy, and young adult fiction.  She has been published in Daily Science Fiction and Crossed Genres, among others, and is a member of the SFWA and the SCBWI.

“Daddy’s Girl” is a story about sibling rivalry, abandonment issues, and mutinous betrayal set in a future world where astronauts recover ice from comets for the lunar settlements.

Questions to think about when reading this story:

  1. Amy sets up the main character’s background though narrative recollections.  Is this an effective technique for this story?  Would you prefer a more blatant method like flashbacks, or a more subtle one like revealing it strictly through character dialog?
  2. In the creative writing class I just started, the professor said, “No genre fiction – I don’t know how what to do with it.”  Do you think this story would work equally well as simple literary fiction, using a modern setting instead of a fictional one?  What changes would have to be made besides the setting itself?
  3. Genre fiction, unlike literary fiction, often includes a plot twist (or simply a plot!).  “Daddy’s Girl” is no exception.  How do you like it?  Does it work for you?

Feel free to comment here, and I’ll see you at our next meeting.

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