“The Death and Rebirth of Anne Bonny”

This week’s published work comes to us from the on-line webzine Daily Science Fiction.  “The Death and Rebirth of Anne Bonny” is written by Nancy Fulda, and by her own admission is an attempt to reach out to someone who lost two limbs in an accident twenty years before she wrote the story.

The story follows an unnamed heroine as she plays imaginary pirate games with her father, conjuring up both treasure and a parrot companion.  When reality hits, it hits especially hard, and nearly destroys her; and when the simple truths of life hit back it brings redemption both for the character and for the reader.

Questions to think about:

  1. How does the first-person point of view inform the story and develop the character(s)?
  2. Think about the standard tools of good storytelling.  What is the character arc, the conflict?  The resolution?  How does Fulda use those tools to pluck at the reader’s heartstrings?
  3. Is Aye real – or imaginary?  When in the story did you come to that conclusion, and… does it really matter?

See you soon.  Feel free to post comments here on the blog, too.



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