“Good Country People”

For the next session we are reading “Good Country People,” written by Flannery O’Connor, a well-respected short-story writer (we should all read The Complete Stories). Joy/Hulga, a cynical woman with a PhD in philosophy and an artificial leg, “meets her match” in a young, traveling, Bible salesman.

Questions to ponder as we read this week…

How does O’Connor use her characters to question certain beliefs? Do you agree/disagree with the idea that the characters’ beliefs instigate what befalls them?

Who is the protagonist in this story? The antagonist?

How do the changes in POV contribute to our understanding of the characters and world of this story?

Who are “good country people” and what does that mean?

And, of course, compare to “Miracle Polish.”


P.S. For our literary learning, pay attention to the way O’Connor writes dialogue and the specific descriptions she uses to create characters as whole people who we remember.


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