“Alone With You”

Marisa Silver's short story collection

This week’s published piece is “Alone With You” by Marisa Silver. I read this story, the title piece, in Silver’s collection.

A family journeys to the Sahara. A mother watches her son grow. A wife copes with how little she truly knows her husband. Two women connect, as if their understanding of each other, of themselves, and of the world, may overlap. And, in keeping with last session’s theme, this story also features a woman on the brink of madness.

Questions to consider:

1. How does Silver’s treatment of Marie’s illness, and her husband’s response, compare to “The Yellow Wallpaper”?

2. Silver writes in beautiful, mellifluous prose. Her character speaks with insight and clarity. How does her style affect the tone of the piece? How do the style and tone enhance the themes?

3. How does each relationship in the story inform the others?



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