“Dog Run Moon”

This week, we will be reading “Dog Run Moon” by Callan Wink. It’s about a nude man running through the desert with his dog, among other things.

Besides the powerful energy and descriptions, I chose this story because he is a new writer in the MFA program at the University of Wyoming and this was his first story in the New Yorker. Pretty awesome. It means the New Yorker is not impossible. Just near impossible.

Anyway, here are a few questions to get your neurons firing:

1) How does the physical act of running display the emotions underneath? Can you relate to that act of using the physical to express the emotional?

2) How do the quirky villains enhance or detract from the story?

3) How does the chronological order of the story heighten the sense of tension and suspense throughout the story?

Also, here’s a link to a New Yorker  Q&A with Callan Wink.

See you wednesday,



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