Notes from the underground

So it appears that we may have a new member… Welcome, Greg!  That’s pretty cool, actually.  I like seeing us expanding a bit, since there’s always something to learn from different people.  The more the merrier, as they say.

Taylor and I hopped onto Google+ and tried out the Hangout feature.  If you’re starting one up, you just push the button on the right side of the Stream – what Facebook calls your News Feed – and invite whomever you want.  I created a Circle called ‘Writers’ that includes all of you, so I just invited the group, and Taylor got a notification in her Stream.

The video quality’s not quite as good as Skype, but I’m not sure how much quality we really need.  Also that might get better with time and Google development: G+ is still a beta tool, after all.  Anyway, in the ‘pros’ column, it’s free, and you don’t need me around to start the session.  (Not that I plan on missing again anytime soon, but y’know, you never know.)  Anyway, it’s another weapon in our arsenal.

Finally, I wanted to link you guys to another group blog, the Inkpunks.  The post that’s up right now is especially awesome, all about we who are part of the Weird Tribe – Sci-Fi and Fantasy writers.  I like the layout of their blog, too, I think there’s some ideas we could steal there. 😉

That’s it for me now.  Happy writing!


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